Jazz Concert for Dr. Merle Hogg

On June 29, 2002 three Eastern New Mexico University alumni from the 1960's joined three members of the ENMU Jazz community for a performance to honor Dr. Merle "Doc" Hogg. Hogg, who is Professor Emeritus of Music at San Diego State University, is a renowned jazz educator, trombonist, teacher, arranger and composer. As a faculty member at ENMU during the late 1950's and early 1960's, he directed the laboratory jazz stage band and provided jazz education to a significant number of students.

To honor Doc Hogg, the Alumni Jazz Sextet played tunes like Killer Joe, Doxy, How High the Moon and The Preacher to an appreciative audience that included members of the 1961-1962 ENMU Laboratory Stage Band (shown below) and bands from earlier years.

Dr. Merle E. Hogg


ENMU Alumni Jazz Sextet

Bill Atchley

John Kilmer

Cam Clapp

Chris Beaty

John Kennedy

Ben White


The Performance
Recordings of the performance are being mastered and will be available shortly on this web site.

1961-1962 ENMU Laboratory Jazz Stage Band
Personnel: Saxophones (L– R): Doug Fuqua, Bill Atchley, Brad Maxim, John Gore, Bob Leathermon. Trombones (L-R): Pat Henry, Gary Stelting, Gary Diggs, Don Lott. Trumpets (L-R): Dick Echols, Jerry Trout, Tom Wolf, Jerry Meyer, David Finifrock. Rhythm: Jim Ates (guitar), John Kilmer (Piano), Paul Ellison (Bass), Bill Gross (Drums). Vocals: “Sug” Conn. Director: Dr. Merle Hogg.

(Individuals with photographs of ENMU stage bands from other years are asked to contact Bill Atchley.)

The Eastern New Mexico University School of Music has recently implemented a Jazz Studies Program under the direction of Chris Beaty. Chris Beaty and John Kennedy are both members of the ENMU Faculty Jazz Players.


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