Bill Atchley's Personal Links Page
Last update: July 15, 2005

This web page was constructed for general references sites and for special interests of the web page maker. A specialized web page for computational molecular biology and evolution is found elsewhere. The last revision was July 18, 2005. (bill at atchleylab dot org).

General References

- Homepage
RefDesk's Indispensible Links
RefDesk's Essential Reference Tools
CIA World FactBook
2005 Calender
Perpetual Calendar
RefDesk's Facts Encyclopedia
50 States and Capitals
Library of Congress
Atomic Clock
Science Daily
RefDesk's Ask the Experts
The Why Files
How Stuff Works
Gray's Anatomy

RefDesk's Science Sites
Area code finder
Zip Code Lookup
PC Magazine's Top sites for 2005
Symantec Hoax Page - Discounting hoax e-mail messages
Hoax Busters - to deal with panic e-mail messages about computer hoaxes


Encyclopedia Brittanica
Columbia Encyclopedia

Dictionaries and references

Merriam-Webster Online
Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
BioTech Life Science Dictionary
Genetics Glossary
Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
English<->German Dictionary
Your dictionary - Comprehensive index of on-line dictionaries in more than 200 languages
Roget's Thesaurus
Bartlett's Quotations
Simpson's Contemporary Quotations
Strunk's Elements of Style
American Heritage Book of English Usage
Biological Journals and Abbreviations

North Carolina Sites

North Carolina at your Service
City of Raleigh
Visit North Carolina

University Stuff

American Universities
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
National Academy of Science

North Carolina State University Sites

NCSU Home Page
NCSU Library
NCSU Department of Genetics
Computational Molecular Evolution Course (GN756)
NCSU Purchasing Department

Search Engines

Netscape Search Engines
RefDesk Search Engines
AT&T AnyWho
World Telephone Directories


Jazz Resources on the Net
International Saxophone Home Page
The Woodwind and the Brasswind Store
IAJE Jazz Links
KJAZZ Online Jazz Station

National Public Radio - Jazz
Downbeat Magazine
William Gottlieb Collection of Jazz Photographs
Jazz Times
Jazz Corner
All about jazz - bulletin board
All About Jazz
Contemporary List of Jazz Links
Jazz Online
PBS Ken Burn's Jazz Site
This Day in Jazz history
Jazz with Bob Parlocha

Great Day in Harlem - Site 1 2 3
How to play the saxophone


Symantec Home Page
Symantec Security Response
PC Magazine
PC Connection
ZDNet Product Reviews
C|Net Reviews
ZD Computer Help and How-to
Google's Windows Sites
RefDesk's Computer Graphics Sites
RefDesk's Software Downloads
ZD Net Palm Software Downloads
PC Magazine Utilities
PCWorld's Download sites


Outstanding photography sites
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Cafe
Laurie McCanna's Photoshop Tutorials
Planet Photoshop Tutorials
Digital Camera Review

Classical Music - free music download sites

Beethoven Piano Sonatas
Schubert Impromptus
Mozart Piano Sonatas
Piano Society Recordings
Classic Cat
Classical Archives


ABC News
USA Today
RefDesk's Newspapers -- USA and World Wide


Green Bay Packers
Kansas City Chiefs


Dr. Koop
The People's Pharmacy
Mayo Clinic
Medical Dictionary
National Library of Medicine
Merck Manual
Medline Plus
Back Exercises
Low back exercise program
Spine health

Financial Sites

Financial Engines
Fidelity Investments
TIAA CREF Financial Services
CNN - Money

Consumer Sites

Consumer Search
Consumer World
Consumer Guide"s Superpages


Currency Converter
Airline toll-free numbers and websites
World Clock
American Airlines
Southwest Airlines
American Express

History and Geography

Maps of the World
World Atlas
Google Maps


Scientific American
National Geographic

Mental Health

The Darwin Awards
RefDesk's Humor Sites
Useless Knowledge
Urban Legends
Oxymoron List
Truth or Fiction
Greatest Films
Late Night Jokes
Museum of Hoaxes - Great April Fool Jokes

Miscellaneous sites

PC Magazine's 100 top web sites
Classical Music Archives
List of lists
PeopleSpot Biographies
Acronym Finder
So You Wanna . . .
Convert Anything to Anything
RefDesk's Cool Sites of the Day
Digital Dog
RefDesk's Automotive Resources
Nobel Prizes
RefDesk's Photography Sites
Astronomy Picture of the Day
US Mint
RefDesk's Do It Yourself Sites
Movie Reviews
Internet Movie Database
Car Talk
Fly and Field
The American West
Public Records Database
World Telephone Directories
Time Capsule
Quotes from Dan Quayle

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. (James Madison)
Information is the currency of democracy. (Thomas Jefferson)
What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is..
(Dan Quayle)