Computational Molecular Evolution

This web site was generated for a graduate course entitled Computational Molecular Evolution taught in the Departments of Genetics and Statistics at North Carolina State University (GN756/ST756).  The course is taught by William R. Atchley and Jeffrey Thorne. The instructors would appreciate knowing of additional relevant sites or corrections to this page.  (Last revision: 8/8/2005). Please report broken links to bill at atchleylab dot org.

Some General References in Computational Molecular Evolution

Course Syllabus
Course Requirements

The following links provide important information for molecular evolution analyses

Molecular Biology Databases

Some Organismal Data Bases

Protein Interaction Databases

Sequence Similarity Database Searching

Protein Motif and Domain Searching

Sequence Alignment Tools

Sequence Analysis Tools

Molecular Visualization

Amino Acid Attributes

Bibliographic databases

Some Bioinformatics Sites

Molecular Modeling


Multivariate Statistics Tutorials (from Dr. David Garson's NCSU website)

Guides, Tutorials, Courses, Dictionaries and other Resources

Journals and on-line publications in Computational Biology

Other Relevant Sites

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